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Tens of Thousands of residents in the North of Israel lack access to communal bomb shelters – they need our help today!  In addition to across our country.

Emergency Appeal: Protect 150,000 lives by mobilizing our teams to restore the accessibility to use their communal bomb shelters

Many people around the world have been asking what they can do to show support, and to help save lives and Direct funds to the ground where needed most.


Right now, hundreds of thousands of our most vulnerable citizens, including the elderly, Holocaust survivors, women and children, low-income families, and those in the most underprivileged areas across the North and around Israel are terrified in their homes without a protective space, and with no-one to take responsibility for their safety. They have no apartment safe rooms, and their communal bomb shelters are unusable from years of neglect. These shelters are filled with trash, they often contain mold, and they have no access to electricity or running water.

As the war becomes increasingly volatile and dangerous for those in the North of Israel, cleaning and restoring communal bomb shelters is a matter of life and death. In addition to across Israel.

We are working against the clock, and every single hour counts.

Link to donation via credit card (USA) ; Link for donations from Australia ; Link for donations from Canada

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Program Structure and Partners

Location: The current cities that we have performed restoration in, opening inaccessible communal bomb shelters for protective use are: Shlomi, Maalot, Nesher, Nof Hagalil, Tiberias, Haifa, Afula, Migdal Haemek, Tirat Hacarmel, Hadera, Kiryat Ata, Kiryat Biyalik, and Kiryat Motzkin. This list is growing daily (for example we already have restoration planned for Tsafed, Nahariya, and Carmiel).

Partners: Osim Shechuna is working in full partnership with the following organizations to mobilize volunteers and operate this program efficiently and in a speedy manner. Partners include: JNF UK, National Emergency agency, Giving Group Community, The Mechinot Council, The Israel Association of Community Centers, Keren Kayemet L’Israel, local municipalities and regional councils, SAHI, Bnei Akiva, and a growing number of youth and young adult programs.  

We have an initial growing list of 1,500 communal bomb shelters, which will continue to grow, which are in desperate need of attention. With your support, over the next few weeks, our mission is to fix and restore 4,500 shelters, utilizing 7,000 volunteers that will provide safety and protection for 160,000 of our brothers and sisters in the North of Israel. The average cost to fix a shelter is $1,000, which covers materials and labor (i.e. tools, paint, electricians, and plumbers to sort out access to water and fix sewage, the cleaning up of mold), and mobilizing and feeding the volunteers who remove the endless amount of trash/storage of old items and perform the repairs, completing the renovation and restoration of the communal bomb shelters.

The North is already under attack. See article: It’s Terrifying: Residents in Israel’s North Brace for Another Possible Front link

Program Impact Update as of 1.29.2024

  • Over130,000 residents received a protected and safe space during an emergency.
  • Over 33,324 communal bomb shelters have been mapped out for its inaccessibility level.
  • Over 4,300 unusable shelters have been restored (cleared, cleaned, painted, etc.)
  • Over 2,530 unusable shelters were renovated with professional services (i.e electrician, plumbing, etc.) creating income for small business owners in the North.
  • Over 6,900 volunteer workdays in the past 4 weeks with hundreds of volunteers. Including members of the Jewish LA Federation.
  • Over 1,500 bomb shelters across Israel are still to be restored in the pipeline- contingent of additional funds and risks in North.
  • We are in discussion with Government agencies to allocate budgets to most northern towns. This budget will be mostly used to fix shelters with more complicated and costly problems for professionals (less volunteer driven).

Osim has expanded our focus also to communal bomb shelters in southern towns, such as Ofakim, Netivot, Dimona, Be’er Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod and more.

Osim started mapping out and checking shelters in south-central towns such as Kiryat Malachi and Ramle, as well as towns around Ben Gurion Airport, such as Or Yehuda, since these locations suffer many missile attacks.

Project Budget

USD Notes
Directly program related
Transportation 800000 Average of 10 volunteers per shelter, purchase of around 50 buses per day (200 units)
Food 500000 Feeding volunteers daily, in the field and operations room (10,000 units)
Paint, Clean up, Repairs 300000 Garbage bags, gloves, paint, brushes, tools, cleaning supplies (1,000 units)
Shelter Equipment 120000 Games & toys, sanitary products, emergency lights (1,000 units)
Professional Repairs 2000000 Electrician, sewage, plumbing, locksmith (1,000 units)
Vehicle costs 75000 Estimated 15 car rentals for regional coordinators, fuel (150 units)
Admin & General Operations 100000 Recruitment, marketing, HR, operations room, training
Misc. 105000 Contingency 3%
GGC Requested 2000000

Current Gap: We have raised closed to $1.75M and have a current gap of $100,000 to restore the number of communal bomb shelters we believe we can renovate at this stage. At that point, we will then reassess before we begin stage 2. Logistically Giving Group Community receives the funds and wires 100% funds received to the Osim Shechuna non profit in Israel, to mobilize the funds immediately.

Restoring Shelters Under Fire

What is a “Communal Bomb Shelter”?

A secure infrastructure to host, in a provisional manner, the populations displaced due to an emergency. In Israel, in most old buildings (build over 30 years ago), the apartments do not have designated safe rooms. Instead, there is usually a dedicated communal shelter on the ground floor.

Across Israel, there are currently 53,000 shared communal bomb shelters, intended to accommodate 3.1 million people. 50% of these bomb shelters are in distressed and underprivileged neighborhoods. When residents do not have access to a usable shelter, they are left huddled in their stairwells, with no way to protect their families or prevent an attack on their lives. The problem is simply too big for cities to manage, and as so many of these residents are vulnerable — they can’t restore these shelters on their own. When the siren sounds, or when terrorists arrive without warning, they end up staying in their homes praying to God that they will survive an attack, or running into the stairway halls where there is only marginally more protection.

Shelters and safe rooms are critical to protect families from both the dangers of being hit by missiles and the arrival of armed terrorists on their doorsteps, sent to murder innocent Jews.

However, after years of disuse, many of these communal bomb shelters are unusable, as they are dangerous, mold-ridden, filled with trash, pitch black without electricity, or experience sewage issues due to poor or non-existent plumbing. Some have been used illegally for storage by people who lock up these communal bomb shelters for their own use and threaten the neighbors not to enter. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

The problem of unusable bomb shelters falls disproportionately on our most vulnerable citizens, mostly low-income families, the elderly, and those living in old buildings.


Over the past few years, Osim Shechuna has cleaned out thousands of communal bomb shelters in the South of Israel, saving countless lives. During the last major conflict in 2021, over 8 days, Osim Shechuna gathered 2,000 volunteers across 6 cities, and restored 600 shelters in Ashdod, Be’er Sheva, Petach Tikva, Rishon LeZion and Bat Yam. At one point, a rocket fell in Ashdod, and tenants were protected in a shelter that had been restored just minutes beforehand. As a direct result of this work, 20,000 families now have a protective space to shelter them from the horrors of this war.

You can help us save lives 

We’ve seen first-hand the practical difference that your donations can make in supporting our most vulnerable citizens, and making sure that the next time they hear the siren, they have somewhere safe to go. 


Olga, 77, lives alone in Nof Hagalil, on the second floor, of her building, that doesn’t have safe rooms in the apartments. The Osim Shechuna team arrived at her building on the first week of November, a team of 30 young adults, with endless motivation to do good and show their mutual responsibility for our nation. Upon arrival they knocked on all the apartment doors, to explain the process and invite the neighbors to join the mission, of by end of day, full clean up and restoration of the communal bomb shelter usage, for all 40 residents of the building serving about 14 apartments. At the end of the day, Olga, in tears shared, “I can’t believe my eyes, I was so afraid with the current rocket threats in the North, with nowhere to go to be safe, and within a few hours, these young beautiful souls, come like angels, and created a safe space for all of us in the building, I will always be grateful.”

Please consider a tax deductible donation, via wire, check, credit card, or shares and 100% of funds received will be given to Osim Shechuna, a fully compliant and registered non profit in Israel. 

Link to donation via credit card (USA) ; Link for donations from Australia ; Link for donations from Canada

Link for donations from the U.K;

With volunteers today with Osim Shechuna- making communal shelters accessible for use . Thank you for GGC supporters for getting this project off the ground. Over 4,300 shelters for roughly 130,000 people have been repaired and opened for use

Fixing up current state of communal shelters in the North

Organization Mission

Osim Shechuna is a Zionist social movement aiming to strengthen the national resilience of the State of Israel by cultivating local leaders tasked with rehabilitating local neighborhoods, improving personal safety on the streets and developing strong communities. Nurturing leadership has a positive snowball effect on distressed neighborhoods by creating a volunteer network to handle social challenges, addressing local needs with municipalities and state leaders, encouraging civic responsibility and improving personal safety.


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Shlomo Lampert


Osim Shechuna was founded by Shlomo Lampert, a combat captain in IDF Air Force commando unit Shaldag (where he continues to serve in active reserve duty) and social entrepreneur. In 2019, Shlomo was recognized by FORBES Magazine’s renowned “30-UNDER-30” list for his social entrepreneurship on behalf of the Hashomer Hahadash organization as the visionary and driving force in attracting and engaging 400,000 volunteers in agricultural work, and in vitalizing their connection to their fellow Israelis, to the Land of Israel, and to the ideals of Zionism. LinkedIn


Shilo Yogev


Shilo Yogev is one of the Osim Shechuna founders. He served as a commander (and is an active reservist) in the elite Shaldag unit in the IDF Air Force. Following his military service, Shilo was an emissary in Sydney, Australia, leading various programming for youth and adults centered around Zionism. He also worked as a regional director in non-profit organization Aharai. Shilo holds an L.L.B and after practicing law for a few years, decided to join Osim Shechuna to follow his passion for social change and to create a better reality for Israeli society.


Shira Nimni

Educational Director

Shira Nimni is one of the Osim Shchuna founders. She served as a commander in the Education Corps, and commanded populations with adjustment difficulties. Worked in the organization “Hashomer Hchadash” as a guide and coordinator of educational trips throughout Israel, leading youth volunteering in agriculture and leading educational processes of groups. Worked in pre-military preparatory schools. Graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Shira manages the field of education in Osim Shechuna, as well as the world of volunteers and the development of integrated leadership groups from within and outside the neighborhood


Avnet Mengisto

Ramat Eliyahu Neighborhood Leader

Avnet Mengistu, was born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1996. served as a fighter and commander in the Kafir unit. currently a student of social sciences. As a teenager who grew up he was expose to the distress that exists in a neglected neighborhood, he chose to connect with the  Osim Shechuna to lead a change in his neighborhood as a positive leader and create a safe space and inspire others. Today Avnet Leads the field of leadership in neighborhoods, develops and accompanies each neighborhood leader and assists in the development of a local team that brings national change.


Lior Farber

Board Member

Since January 2022, Lior serving as CEO of Mevtach Shamir Energy – the energy arm of the Mevtacht Shamir Group. Before that, he served as Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, a member of the Israel Lands Council and a member of the executive committee of the Taglit project. As part of his position, he led projects on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office in the fields of internal policy, including economic and social development of local authorities and the countryside up to budget of over a billion NIS. In addition, he led horizontal processes in the fields of planning and construction, including the establishment of new settlements. In the past, he served as a professional advisor to the Minister of Tourism and worked as an attorney at the Herzog Fox Neman office. Lior joined the board out of a mission and rich knowledge in leading broad social change. Lior supports Osim Shechuna in every way needed and especially in front of the state and local authorities



David Salomon

Board Member

David has spent the last three and a half decades solving some of Israel’s toughest security challenges, initially in the IDF Special Forces and then at Prime Minister’s Office. He has vast experience in leadership development, strategic planning, decision making in high stakes and pressure situations, managing change and risk analysis. After retiring in 2019 he now focuses on early stage tech investments in Israeli startup companies, sits on their boards and mentors founders. He strongly believes in education and leadership development to build resilience in Israeli society and is involved in NGO’s that promote this agenda. He is a board member of “Osim Schecuna” a startup NGO building youth leadership and resilience in underprivileged neighborhoods. He is also a senior advisor to The Disruptive Futures Institute and a facilitator at the Hoffman-Kofman Foundation.


Osim Shechuna - Building a Cohesive Society

About Organization

Osim Shechuna is a grassroots social movement, founded in 2020 in the wake of the constantly increasing atmosphere of disunity in Israeli society, with frequent elections and instability. These feelings were exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic and its side effects: a paucity of face-to-face meetings, loitering adolescents deprived of school and social frameworks, rising unemployment, and general uncertainty, contributing to a loss of faith in the authorities, the state, and in other members of society.

Osim Shechuna is revitalizing these distressed communities by recruiting and cultivating local youth volunteers to pioneer ‘bottom-up’ change from within, in which local volunteers identify the needs on the ground, assume responsibility and lead programs that positively impact their city.

Almost two years after Osim Shechuna was founded, the organization is already operating in five different distressed neighborhoods across Israel and engages more than 9,000 youth volunteers from all over the country.

Osim Shechuna was founded by Shlomo Lampert, a combat captain in the Israeli Air Force commando unit Shaldag (where he continues to serve in active reserve duty) and social entrepreneur. In 2019, Shlomo was recognized by FORBES Magazine’s renowned “30-UNDER-30” list for his social entrepreneurship on behalf of the Hashomer Hahadash organization.


Creating positive local leadership to increase the sense of security in distressed neighborhoods identified Osim Shechuna.

Fostering unity in leadership by building bridges between national and local leaders and the neighborhood, and by cultivating partnerships with the local leadership and leadership groups from around the country, a connection that fosters national unity.

Empowering a sense of trust among local residents to create a real capacity for change in the State of Israel based on a shared hope for a better future that is fueled by knowing one another.

Annual Organizational Budgets 

2021 (actual, fiscal) $129,818

2022 (projected, fiscal) $664,399

2023 (projected) $1,223,238

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  • Employees 23

  • Volunteers 10000

  • Year Founded 2021

  • Board Members 6

  • Annual Board Meetings 4

  • General Assembly 14

  • Audit Committee



  • GGC Vetting Committee had no reservations

  • GGC on site visit performed


  • Certificate of Good Standing (Nihul Takin)

  • Certificate of Financial Accounting (Ishur Nihul Pinkasei Chesbonot)

  • Certificate of tax-deductibility at source (Ishur Nikui Mas;Makor)

  • Classification as non-profit organization (Sivug Malcar)

  • Organization has a projected budget and work plan

  • Takanon Meuchad ; Bylaws equivalent

Reference & Quality assurance

  • Large Institutional / Mega Donors

  • GGC Performed online research

  • Leadership background positive

  • Organization: considered one of best in class

  • Considered Efficient

  • Considered Impactful

  • Provided clear accountability

  • Outcomes: cost effective and high feasibility

* GGC is working on receiving its 46A Israel tax status as a young organization, furthermore deepening its 5 year strategic plan and creating a General Assembly.

Tax Deductible information:

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